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Midnight Approaches
As the night wears jackets were removed and people started to dance ( or something approximating dancing anyway. Jackets were removed and bow ties mislaid. In short I started to enjoy myself.
Justin and Loraine sharing a moment.
Here Damien is looking very guilty after he tried to chat up the lovely Maria.
Here Mark is trying to kill Damien for trying to chat up the lovely Maria while I sit idly by smiling inanely at the camera.
At this point after being truamatised by the violence perpetrated above I wandered over to another table populated by only the very very drunk.  Here is Triona and Kieran wearing fetching yellow flowers in their hair.
Here is Stephen ( AKA STeeeeeeeeee) wearing my glasses. Why ? Well I have know idea.
Kieran has found something incredibly amusing. What I don't know. Probably my dancing!
Words cannot describe this picture of Stephen, Fergal and myself     ......................ooooooohh Hand baaag.
Una and Triona....... Whadever  !!!??
Triona and Una do their thing on the dance floor.
Ahem ! Robbie and Fergal. Dancing ??!!?!&
The night began to wind down while I snapped pictures all over the place.

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