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The Aftermath
This is the end of the night. People were beginning to look decidedly unsteady and unfocused. There are some interesting photos here. I hope you enjoy them.
Here from left to right Carl, Dave, Lorna, Derek ( me ), Greg, Orla, Deirdre and some geezer.
Here I am looking into space along with Greg and Orla.
Mark and Maria seemed to have gotten over the Damien incident.
Here are Triona and Aidan. John is in the background doing his Casanova routine to full effect.
Justin is being consoled here by Gillian, Loraine and Greg. The end of four years and a new beginning combining to make the night an emotional one for some.
Triona and Brid both still looking good at the end of the night
Brid and myself smiling at the camera. I'm grinning like Dougle. Ah.. the joy of drink.
Justin is being consoled by Lorna while Karl and Loraine look on.
The path on the way home. You know what that's all about Justin.
I Hope you all enjoyed this. If not well let me know how I can improve it or whatever. Sorry if I misspelt any names. Let me know and I'll change them.
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