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The Big Day
This was it, The day we had all been waiting for. It had finally arrived. After all that time spent in computer, physics and chemistry labs attempting to comprehend something complicated while at the same time wondering why we had to have those last 5 pints in Devitts the night before. After all those lectures that we slept through. After all that vegging in the canteen and snackery WE HAD FINALLY  MADE IT. This is a pictorial account of the graduation ceremony.

I will add in the group photos just as soon as I find them.

This is Mark, Iain and myself in our gowns and hoods. If anyone recognises the person with the umbrella I'd be interested to know who it is. I think this was before the ceremony.

 This is my little sister Laura and me. My sister was showing off in front of all my friends. She likes to get all the attention.

If you squint you can see me shaking hand with Doctor Goldsmith while receiving my "piece of paper".

This is my Mum, Laura and me. My Mum is staring daggers at my sister for acting the eejit again.

The Graduate. After the event.

Damien and myself on the way back to the college for the Beef Stroganoff and the photo shoot.

Here is Damien, Ken and Mark in the canteen after eating some dodgy beef Stroganoff.

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